Alsace Wines in Scherwiller

Scherwiller is located 50 km south of Strasbourg, 20 km from the border with Germany, and 450 km east of Paris. The village nestles at the junction of the valleys of Sainte Marie aux Mines and Villé, on the site of a major battle fought during the Peasant War.

The Frey-Sohler estate has evolved through several generations, all intimately linked with the village and the wines of Alsace. Currently occupying 29 hectares, the estate is run by Damien and Nicolas SOHLER. It is included within the « Scherwiller » Appellation Communale, and runs across the rocky slopes of the Rittersberg, at the foot of the imposing Château de l’Ortenbourg, which looks down upon these magnificent vineyards.

The Frey-Sohler estate is the sole distributor of wines from the vineyard belonging to the Sohler family.


The Vineyards


(hill of the knights): shallow, granite soil, where the wine must struggle to thrive, producing a dignified wine with a salty, mineral character.


Another granite soil, with a deeper subsoil resulting in intense, fruity aromas.


This Appellation Communale (one of a small number) may only be used for wine made from the Riesling grape. This is a precocious soil – alluvial, light, hot, dry, with a filtering effect – which gives the wine a nutmeg fragrance with a hint of lemon flavour in the mouth.


Scene of the Peasant War in 1525, when the peasants who rose up against the Duke of Lorraine were slaughtered. Another dry soil which sets off the specific aromas of the individual grape varieties, home to the estate’s old parcels of Gewurztraminer, and provider of the grapes for most of our renowned Crémant Riesling.


The medieval city of Dambach-la-Ville nestles at the foot of the frankstein slopes. The soil is remarkably uniform. At between 220 and 330 meters altitude its east and south-east facing slopes soak up the sunshine, from the very earliest raus of the morning. Its soil iscomposed of well-drained granite-mica scree which filters water and retains heat well. By then Middle ages the Frankstein’s reputation extended beyond Dambach-la-Ville itself. Numerous estates, dioceses and abbeys proudly owned vineyards here, for example in 1320 the Unterlinden abbey of Colmar and the Diocese of Strasbourg. The first July 2008 is the date on which the very first vintage of our estate’s Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Frankstein became available for tasting. An exceptional wine, produced on an exceptional terroir – and an exceptional vintage. Winner of a Gold Medal at its first participation in the World Gewurztraminer Awards.

The Cellar

All our barrels and vats are equipped with temperature controls. The grape juice is allowed to settle cold, and the temperature of the fermentation process is electronically monitored from start to finish. During bottling operations, the corking machine operates under vacuum, and the bottles are conveyed along a storage table to ensure optimum corking and a wine that keeps very well.

Store & Tasting


From Monday to Friday :

8.00h am to 12.00 and 1.00h pm to 7.00pm

Saturday :

8.00 am to 12.00 and 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Sunday :

-closed from Januay to April
-opened from May to Dezember :
10.00 am to 12.00 and 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Wine Exhibitions 2021/2022

Fore more informations please contact us by email, or visit our facebook page.


– Salon des Vins à Caen du Vendredi 8 ‘de 14 à 21h) au Dimanche 13 Octobre 2021

– Salon des Vins de Seclin, déplacé à Arras, du Vendredi 5 au Dimanche 7 Novembre 2021

– Salon Normand des Vins et Terroirs à Rouen, du Vendredi 5 au Dimanche 7 Novembre 2021

– Dégustation Traditionnelle à Montaigu (85) le samedi 13 Novembre 2021

– Salon de Jouy-en-Josas les Samedi 20 et Dimanche 21 Novembre 2021 ( attention pas le Vendredi cette année)

– Salon des Vins à Ennevelin le Samedi 27 et Dimanche 28 Novembre

– Salon Vinomedia à L’Espace Tête d’Or à Lyon du Vendredi 3 au Dimanche 5 Décembre 2021

– La Péniche, Quai de Bercy, Port de la Rapée, du Vendredi 10 au Dimanche 12 Décembre 2021

– WineParis, Parc des Expos Porte de Versailles, du lundi 14 au Mercredi 16 Février 2022

– Prowein Düsseldorf, du dimanche 27 au mardi 29 Mars 2022

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